PAJARITO Thunderbird Club  of New Mexico


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Dennis Potter, 1955

"I've recently rejoined the car hobby after a 20+ year absence. My daughter spotted this car on the side of the road near Austin Texas and if it wasn't for the support of club members I wouldn't have brought it home or
be as far along with repairs."

Fred and Carol Lachenmeyer, 1955

Ed & Suzanne, 1956


Sid Foil, 1957

Trae Wood, 1982

Ray Wood, 1957 "The Pajarito Thunderbird Club has been a great source of information and help in restoring and maintaining my Thunderbird's over the past several years. I have made several good friends and enjoyed great camaraderie since we began in 1968."


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Jim & Rose Bell, 1955 Torch Red Thunderbird. "I joined the club about a year ago and I have saved my dues many times over with all the information that members shared with me. Now I can do my own repairs.".