Top Hoist $40.00 from CascoTCI Manual (color pictures) $75.0
Price fromTCI Manual (color pictures) $7ice from CTCI $


T Hoist 




Full set of Hubacps $100.00 or good offer








Hardtop Clamps $30 (new)​​

Power Steering Ram Rebuild kit  (new)$20

Top Hoist $20

Generator 6 volt used $40

Tbird emblem #43490  (new)$25

Valve covers 1957 engine chrome $30

Valve covers 1957 engine Black $20



There is one 5" wide and three 5.5" wide, from my 57 T-Bird.   As far as price (?)  $50 each or make a reasonable offer.



Ed Chappelle at 505-268-9756 for all parts in blue.


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